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3 Fitness Tips for When You Can’t Make it to the Gym

Anthony Karabon

· fitness

The Covid-19 pandemic and the related lockdowns have affected us all in terms of our physical and emotional health. With the gyms and fitness center closures, many people have been left without the means to continue their regular workouts. While you may not have gym equipment at home, there are still ways you can get the physical activity you need to promote better physical and emotional health.

Spend More Time Outdoors

While you may be prevented from gathering in large groups, you can still spend time outdoors with a friend. Go for a run, a bicycle ride, or a brisk walk around your favorite park. Spending time outdoors has been found to promote better emotional health, while physical activity will also boost your mood and alleviate stress. Bringing a friend along will help you avoid procrastinating and ensure you meet your daily fitness goals with greater regularity.

Work Out at Home

You can buy a yoga mat for just a few bucks at most department stores, and that’s all you need to do some workouts at home. You can use the mat as intended by doing yoga, or you can use it to do push-ups, crunches, and other exercises that don’t require weights and extra equipment. If you have a few extra dollars, you can pick up a small weight set that will increase the number of activities you can do at home. Buying a small set of weights will help you keep up with resistance training at home, which is an essential part of any workout routine.

Use the Internet

If doing yoga, push-ups, and sit-ups are getting stale, you can find plenty of free or paid instructional videos online. This can help you engage in aerobics, learn some form of martial arts, or engage in other types of workouts that will help you stretch and strengthen a broader range of muscle groups throughout your body. You can also learn meditation and deep breathing exercises via online videos, allowing you to relieve stress and relax during a lockdown.

While there’s no way to know for sure when your favorite fitness center will open, you can continue to pursue your fitness goals. Engaging in physical activity every day will help you stay fit even though you may not be able to go to a well-equipped gym. Following these tips can help you keep up a good routine, so you won’t be out of shape by the time the gyms reopen.

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